The Success of Darius Fisher

The online reputation management industry is an industry that has been exponentially growing as a result to the creation of the internet and the many uses that have been enabled for businesses to expand and to reach out to clients from all over the world. The reputation management industry is a dedicated industry that is specifically dedicated to offering clients with the best possible outcome in not only preventing any bad reputations from reaching the public, but also in helping clients improve their reputation by using social media tricks as well as posting relevant and up to date information about the company. The online reputation management industry is a growing industry that has been used all over the world. With bad reviews and bad comments so relevant to the success of a business, this multi-billion dollar industry continues to grow and continues to flourish to become one of the most sought after industries.

Among the many reputation management firms, one firm in particular stands out to the public. This reputation management firm is known as Status Labs and was started just a few years ago by a man named Darius Fisher. Darius Fisher is an expert within the reputation management industry and has been able to grow Status Labs to become the best online reputation management firm in the world. With over 1,500 loyal clients that are located in 35 countries all over the world, Status Labs continues to grow and continues to flourish with many solutions offered at the company.

The success of Darius Fisher and his company have not gone unnoticed when, in recent news, Darius Fisher was awarded with the Business Development Individual of the year award, an award that is only given to those who who show true excellence within the marketing industry. Darius Fisher is seen as a true innovator by not only his clients, but by also his employees that trust him in every decision that he makes. Darius Fisher believes that company can not thrive properly without trust within the company and without the trust that each employee will come up with the best solution for each client.


Talk Fusion’s Independent Associates Set to Receive a Luxury Vacation to Milan, Italy

Talk Fusion is the world’s leader in video marketing solutions. The company is committed to helping businesses stay ahead of their competition, retain their customers and increase sales and profits. It offers effective ways that make marketing more persuasive, engaging and memorable with video.



Talk Fusion provides a 30-day free trial for their video marketing solutions to anyone who would like to try before buying. No credit card is required for this!



Talk Fusion is also firmly dedicated to giving back to the community, family, friends and animal charities all over the world.



On November 7, 2016, Talk Fusion announced on a live broadcast that its independent associates would receive a new vacation incentive to Milan. In his announcement, Bob Reina- the CEO and Founder of Talk Fusion stated their commitment to giving their customers and associates the best there is, from their unmatched business opportunity to their award-winning products. Destination: Milan is just another testament to that!



The trip will be open to current as well as future Talk Fusion Associates who will be participating in the company’s first world Instant Pay Compensation Plan. Such individuals earn extra income by sharing Talk Fusion’s Video Marketing Solution package and prominent business opportunity with others. To attend the Destination: Milan in December 2017, these individuals must achieve or even exceed the “Diamond” rank by October 29, 2017.



Continuing with its long-standing tradition of providing two incentive trips a year, Talk Fusion is also set to reward its qualified associates with a complimentary vacation to Hawaii and Maui this June. The official trip dates will be announced soon.

Michael Gove Predicts the Economic Situation Post-Brexit

Michael Gove, a former journalist, and leading public speaker has joined Chartwell Speakers, a team that serves as an agent for Stephen Hawking and Mitt Romney. The agency is leveraging Gove’s experience as a seasoned speaker to corporate – recognizing his ability to provide compelling intuitions into the referendum. He also predicts how life will be post-Brexit.

The Annual Regulators’ Banquet

In attendance at the annual regulators’ banquet were the Financial Conduct Authority’s head, Andrew Bailey, and Prudential Regulation Authority’s head Sam Wood. Bailey donned a black tie to complement his designer suit. Wood praised Bailey, who previously led the Prudential Regulation Authority, for his efforts in the regulatory sector. Bailey, on the other hand, mentioned that his job as the FCA head is better than an English football manager job.

Equities First Holding (EFH) Share Swap

Established lenders like Equities First Holdings attribute their success to investing in ventures that banks fear. EFH lends cash to wealthy investors and business ventures. Its clients include Edi Truell of Tungsten and Ron Terry of Quindell. These customers borrow cash from EFH, and in exchange, they offer their company or personal shares as collateral. Equities First Holdings held its first UK-based transaction with Andrew Newland. The company gave Newland a loan of £2 million two years ago. Newland offered his 3.5 million Angle Plc shares as collateral in the transaction. Earlier this month, Newland successfully repaid the loan and bought back the shares.

Equities First Holdings provides business ventures and wealthy investors an opportunity to get access to quick and efficient funding. The company processes loans in a secure, transparent, and simple way. Clients should first contact EFH about their collateral and the amount they wish to borrow. Once the company validates the collateral, they decide the type of loan, its interest rate and terms that apply to a client. Customers receive the loans after signing an agreement and transfer document. EFH has enabled investors to expand their business by availing an easy access to capital. The firm has built a reputation for responding to customers’ needs on time and in a professional manner.

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Wengie Shares Her Night Routine and Her Nighttime Hacks and DIYs

Wengie, popular YouTuber and lifestyle vlogger shares her nighttime routine in a much-requested video while breaking down hacks and DIY for nighttime.


She starts by talking about her routine, the first step of which involves, like most of us, changing out of her daytime clothes into her comfy, nighttime attire. After changing, she sits down to spend her evening doing some work, whether that be video editing, social media, or responding to email.


At this point, she shares her first nighttime hack: scent association. Wengie uses the same set of scents when she’s working to encourage her to work via scent association. She chooses to either have tea or light candles or both while she’s working.


Once she’s finished working, she craves a snack, and of course, she has some hacks for snack time as well. She chops up her veggies and instead of having chips, she bakes a pita bread, which she says is a great hack to eat healthier. She also serves her snack in a muffin tin and uses the cups to scoop some dip into to prevent over-eating.


Of course, what evening would be completed without a little browsing on Netflix? If you’re bored or stuck, Wengie suggests utilizing the foreign or documentary sections to find hidden gems.


Before sleeping, she removes her makeup with a mechanical brush, and when she has time, she uses a face mask. She shares her DIY face mask recipes, all of which use honey as a base material. She shares four recipes using other natural, household items for acne, brightening, moisturizing, and sensitive skin.


To keep the honey from sticking to the spoon, she dips the spoon in coconut oil first, which prevents honey wastage and makes cleanup much easier.


She also practices gratitude journaling, which involves writing down three things she is grateful for and three reflections per day to practice mindfulness and being a happier person.


Bedtime also involves a face and eye massage.

THIS Dallas Bank Acquires New Jersey-Based Bank

NexBank SSB, based in Dallas, has recently announced their acquisition of College Savings Bank of Princeton, New Jersey. College Savings Bank specializes in 529 college-savings programs, although no terms of this deal were released to the press.

A division of NexBank, College Savings Bank will keep the same name and branding. It will also maintain its current operations, so claims the CEO of NexBank, John Holt.

College Savings Bank has focused on college savings since its establishment in 1987. This bank is a manager for the Arizona Family College Savings Program-Bank Plan and the Indiana CollegeChoice 529 Savings Plan.

NexBank SSB is a part of NexBank Capital Inc., a financial services company that serves its clients through three businesses: Commercial banking, investment banking and mortgage banking. They provide customized financial services to leading financial institutions, individuals, institutional clients, and corporations throughout the country.

Through their leadership in the industry and their infallible commitment to their clients, NexBank’s main goal is to give their clients every opportunity for unrivaled quality service. They give their clients access to customized solutions that are delivered by their experienced professionals with excellent records of success.

The company serves the banking industry with a company charter that dates back to 1922. They provide necessary banking services through their three platforms and give high quality solutions that meet every client’s specialized needs.

NexBank is led by CEO and President, John Holt. He is a Director of NexBank Capital, Inc. and Chairman of the Board of NexBank SSB. He creates and completes the strategies of the company and completely oversees the company’s overall performance.

Since his arrival in 2011, the company has grown to become one of the largest headquartered in Dallas and has assets of $3.5 billion. The bank has attained solid growth and performance, and also expanded its services to meet the ever-growing need of their clients.

Handy Looking To Expand To New Furniture Delivery And Assembly Service

Handy is an incredibly successful cleaning and services industry leader that has made over $64 million in two years. It’s on-demand business model mimics that of Uber, but has exceed all expectations to allow it to branch out to 28 cities around the world.

As a result, they are expanding their business model to a new branch, with their Handy Delivery service. This new service (which will start in New York City), will include a variety of furniture items, including bedroom, living room, bathroom, and dining room furniture from Ikea.

Through Handy’s website, you can purchase an Ikea item and have it delivered and built for you. Delivery is as soon as the next day with a tight two-hour window for your delivery time.

The benefits of a revolutionary service like this are many. Instead of receiving a piece of Ikea furniture weeks after ordering and assembling it yourself, you get it the next day and have it assembled in your home.

As a result, people in NYC will never have to wait longer than 24 hours to get the great furniture that they want. Handy is currently raising $50 million at a $500 million valuation to get this service started.

Although many people will use this service to purchase furniture ala an online portal, Handy is hoping it will be used primarily to take the hassle out of building furniture by yourself and making mistakes.

Customers are happier when their furniture is properly assembled, and having an expert do it for them in their home takes out the guesswork of the process and make its easier to handle. Instead of spending hours building furniture, making a mistake, and having to start all over again, the furniture will be built for you.

Naturally, a small mark-up with this service is expected, as delivery and assembly will cost a little more than just ordering straight from Ikea. For many people, this extra cost will be more than worth the benefit of not having to build their furniture themselves.

Currently, there are no plans to expand this beginning service beyond the NYC test area, though expansion is likely if successful. Could services like this be the future of furniture ordering? Possibly. Right now, it’s too early to gauge whether or not it will take off.

However as reported, if Handy is as successful with this service as they have been with their cleaning services, it could signal a bold new beginning for the company.


Norka Luque’s Latin Career

The Latin genre is one that is not necessarily easy for singers, especially female singers. It is saturated with people who have different things to say and the music generally sounds about the same. It is something that has been difficult for people to make different from what is already out there and Norka Luque has been able to make sure that there are different things in her music than in other Latin music. It is not the typical Latin music and is something that is different because of the way that she was raised. This has all given her the chance to make her music better than what other people have had.

While it is a difficult genre, Norka Luque has taken Latin music by storm. She wanted to do something different. Because of that, she mixed in some reggae tones with her Latin music and even used the time that she spent in France as an inspiration for the music that she put out. She wanted to make sure that her Latin music was something that nobody had ever heard before. In doing this, she created a sound that was much different than anything else in the Latin genre.

When it is time for Norka Luque to make new music, she does not go in search of it from writers of music. She writes it herself. Doing this allows her to make sure that the music fits with both her personality and the other music that she has had on her different albums. By writing her own music, the experience that Norka Luque does for her fans is completely authentic. It is all something that comes from her heart and her soul and allows people to feel like they have a connection to her when it comes to the way that she does different things.

There are many reasons that Norka Luque has been successful. She was in the right place at the right time, she worked hard to make sure that she was doing the best for her music career and she has had the support that is required to be able to have a more successful singing career. These things have all contributed to her being able to do different things than other Latin singers. It has meant that she was able to make sure that her music is better and her singing career is more successful.

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How Town Residential is Growing Their Client Base

Recently, an article in Crain’s stated that Town Residential, a 3-year old real estate company, has moved into a new space along the Hudson River. The brokerage firm recently signed a 15 year deal for a new office space near the meatpacking district. The markets expected to be covered for this office is Hudson Yards down to the Tribeca area.


Town is now one of the fastest growing brokerage firms in the country, and it’s now sitting on its 10th outpost since its inception. While this does signify growth it also signifies that they are expecting to dominate the myriad of neighborhoods that call this area home.


CEO Andrew Heiberger believes that brokers will have an opportunity to win over clients in many different ways, and that includes taking them along the ever popular High Line. The High Line, is a linear park that covers nearly one and a half miles and is located in Manhattan. This park was built on a stretch of land that was previously a railway that remained unused for a number of years.


The space rented for Town Residential will span the entire second floor, totaling 7,100 square feet. With the 16-foot ceilings and the private deck on the roof, meetings with clients can be labeled as impressive at best. The style and look of the building inside and out conveys what Heiberger was going for in terms of branding for the company. He has always stated that he believes that the space is an inspiration for his brokers, since they work in one of the finest offices in the area.


Creating an outdoor space for the office is a new concept, and one that many business offices don’t use. It’s unique and appealing when the nice weather strikes, and when people feel better they tend to make better decisions and think more clearly.


This isn’t the first high profile location for the brokerage firm, and they are opening up their doors to another office that will join them. Thor Equities, their parent investor will also be sharing some office space in this new outpost as well.


Lawyers in Brazil

Finding a lawyer is one of the most important parts of running a business. There are a lot of people who are moving to Brazil to start a new business idea. With all of the growth in the area over the years, this is a great idea. Ricardo Tosto is one of the leading lawyers in Brazil today. He has a passion for helping others in the field of law. If you want to take things to the next level in your business, having a lawyer on your side is a great first step. A lot of people do not understand the business laws in Brazil, and it can save you a lot of time and money later on in life. Ricardo Tosto is a great example of a person who is committed to helping others with their business.

Ricardo Tosto

In the early part of his life, Ricardo Tosto struggled to get by. He did not come from wealthy parents, but he knew that he wanted to accomplish a lot in life. He is a great example of working your way up to succeed in life. He was able to work his way through law school, and when he graduated he would eventually start his own practice. There are a lot of people who look up to the life and the career that he has been able to build.


Legal Advice

There are a lot of people today who are in need of quality legal advice. Ricardo Tosto is someone who is passionate about helping other people as much as possible. If you are in Brazil and need legal help, he is the person to go to. Over the years, he has helped thousands of people get the legal help that they deserve. Ricardo Tosto is a great example of what can be accomplished in the country if you work hard enough.

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Raj Fernando’s Belief on the Importance of a Stress Free Environment at Chopper Trading

Raj Fernando will be best remembered at Chopper Trading for his dire need to recruit ‘A’ players and his advocacy for his employees to work in a stress-free environment. His philosophy of having his employees work in a stress-free environment could be seen in some of Chopper Trading’s daily activities. It was not a surprise to find employees winding down with table tennis or poker in the 3000 square foot space that was Chopper Trading’s offices. The employees also often went out together after working hours to have drinks and sometimes went to watch live Blackhawks, Cubs or Sox games courtesy of tickets provided by Chopper Trading.

Raj’s aim of creating a stress-free environment for his employees was to ensure that his employees were always at their best when conducting Chopper Trading’s business. His need to have a stress free environment also influenced his recruitment style. He preferred a lengthy and involving method of recruiting to the common use of rigorous training to find the best among a long list of potentials. His goal in using the lengthy approach was to find employees that would work for the company until they retire. He also often did not care about the amount of money that a particular employee had the capability of making for the company as long as they did not get along with the rest of the employees.

Prior to being CEO of Chopper Trading, Raj worked as a trader. He worked on the floor at Chicago Board of Trade from 1996 to 2003 then become a member in 1997. He also had the opportunity to work for the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Raj Fernando loves giving back to the community. To this regard, he serves as a governing member of Chicago Symphony Orchestra and he is a member of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. Mr. Fernando has a rich educational background having graduated from Beloit College with a degree in economics and history. He also studied at the University College London.