How to Stop the Bleeding – What to do When You are Dropping in Organic Rankings

The article, Why Your Search Rankings Are Dropping (and 7 Ways to Fix It) by Neil Patel goes through seven reasons you might be losing rankings on Google that you have worked so hard to gain, as well as how to remedy those issues.

It should be noted that this article ignores the fact that you might be losing rank because of a bad online reputation. If you are finding bad content/bad links pointing to your site, you should look into online reputation management as that can be a hard mess to clean up.

Some of the most common problems (with the simplest solutions) are site speed (your site is too slow), out of date content (you need to update your web page), and internal linking (you need to link between pages on your own site. Obviously getting the content on your web page up to date, and keeping it relevant for the keywords that you want to rank for is the quickest and easiest fix. This also helps when there is bad news about your company on the internet and you want to rank good news above it to push down negative search results (see more tips in link).

Internal linking can be relatively simple for a small site, and very hard for a large site. The best way to go about this is by finding content words and phrases on your site that is relevant to other content and linking those words and phrases to that content. You can also start creating content with internal links in mind.

Site speed can be a little trickier, but it can definitely help you regain rankings. The article has some great suggestions on improving your site speed.

Some of the other methods the article covers are link building, click-through rate, design, and social shares. All of these methods can be a little harder to manage because they are out of your control. One interesting tidbit is that you do not want to build links to the page that is losing rank because Google can spot when a page is getting links at an unnatural rate. Instead you want to improve your domain authority by building links that link to that page internally.

I would add that the primary reason, outside of what is mentioned in this article that a site or page might be losing rank is because you have a negative reputation and it may be time for some crisis communication. If that is the case for you, look into online reputation management.

Brazilian Marketing And The Success Of Nizan Guanes In Brazil

How Is Marketing Conducted In Brazil?

If you are coming from the marketing world of the United States or Europe you can be in for quite a surprise when you enter the Brazilian marketing world. The obvious difference right away will be that unless you are from Portugal, the language of marketing will be in Portuguese which is similar to but different than Spanish.

Linguistic differences aside, Brazil is known for having many billboards. Some cities have so many billboards and paid advertisements in cities, that some municipalities have completely outlawed them for aesthetic reasons. Still billboards remain a great way to get the word out about a product especially in Brazil.

As to marketing content, expect much more sexiness to be shown in Brazil. The material will not border on pornography, but what may be banned in other countries may be permissible in Brazil. Brazilians are much more comfortable with sex, sexiness and nudity and it is evident in its marketing. Expect to see plenty of sexy ads in Brazil. It is the norm here.

Who Is Nizan Guanes?

If you have not heard of Nizan Guanes, then he is perhaps the most famous marketing executive there is in all of Brazil. Mr. Guanes has gotten awards from numerous Brazilian business, marketing and entrepreneur magazines. This includes entrepreneur of the year in 2008 and communication entrepreneur of the year from two highly acclaimed magazines. Nizan Guanes has even been considered one of the top five most influential people in Brazil.

So what does Nizan Guanes do? He is a marketing mogul. He currently owns the ABC Group which is Brazil’s largest media, marketing and communications company. Guanes also created a marketing agency called Africa. This firm serves middle sized companies throughout Brazil and works primarily with financial institutions.$-1-bilh%C3%A3o.htm

Brian Bonar’s Diverse and Detailed Finance Background

Brian Bonar is a celebrated figure who is part of the finance world. He’s an executive who lives and works in San Diego, California. Bonar has two positions at the moment. He’s employed at both Trucept and Dalrada Financial Services. He works as the CEO and chairman for both entities. Bonar began his duties at Trucept in the summer of 2011. He began his duties at Dalrada Financial Services significantly earlier on in his career in the late nineties.

Bonar is an alumnus of both James Watt Technical College and Stafford University. He focused on the subject of mechanical engineering at both of these noted institutions. He began his educational program at James Watt Technical College in the early sixties. He finished his studies there before the end of the decade. He started learning at Stafford University in 1973 and finished his education there in 1985. Education has always been a strong priority for Bonar.

This industrious and diligent professional never ceases to wow people in his field with his sheer commitment to excellent work. He never ceases to dazzle them with his ample knowledge, either. Bonar knows a lot about many diverse topics that relate to the field of finance.

He knows a lot about in-depth investment matters, too. Some of his big topics are mergers & acquisitions, angel investing, sourcing, turn around management, sales, venture capital, competitive assessments, executive management, private equity, employee relations, due diligence, corporate development, lead generation, process improvement, business methods, management consulting and IPOs (Initial Public Offerings). Learn more about Brian Bonar:

Brian Bonar has extensive knowledge that pertains to the creation of brand new businesses as well. It’s no surprise that Bonar has enjoyed such a lengthy and productive career in finance. He has offered his experience to many different firms in the past.

Companies Bonar has worked for include IBM, Rastek Corporation, QMS, Allegiant Professional Business Services, AMS Outsourcing, ITEC Image Technologies, Adaptec and Bezier Systems. He’s handled many detail-oriented matters at these firms. He was the sales and marketing vice president at Rastek Corporation.

When he worked for the corporation, printing technology was his primary focus. He paid close attention to printing technology sales all around the planet. When Bonar worked for Bezier Systems, he had an extremely hands-on role. That’s because he was the firm’s founder.

He set up Bezier Systems to introduce an innovative printer that was centered around SCSI (Small Computer System Interfaces). The world had never seen a printer like that before.

According to XRepublic, Brian Bonar is also equipped with highly impressive management skills and abilities. He was employed at IBM in the eighties. When he worked for IBM, he was the head of a crew of roughly 100 development engineers. They all specialized in hardware and software.

The Midas Legacy Improving People’s Lives

Everyone has lifetime goals. This can be achieved by both short terms and long term goals. However, this can only happen if you have the right people behind you to guide you, especially on finances. This no longer needs to be a problem with the introduction of ‘The Midas Legacy‘; a company that dedicates itself to help people achieve their goals in life. Their physical location is in Winter, Garden Florida. The company specifically focuses on investors looking to improve their financial standing through better management of their funds. They also help entrepreneurs who look forward to getting a better financial future.

Apart from the financial aspect, The Midas Legacy hopes to help impact positively in the lives of people through health, wealth and happiness. Their aim on is to see people improve in their overall sense of self. Their priority is not on finances but on how best people get to use these finances to make their lives much better.

The Midas Legacy hopes to help entrepreneurs have a better management of their business in terms of getting the right decisions that would help get their business to greater heights. Through these, the entrepreneurs would be in a position to create more job opportunities to other people. The faces behind The Midas Legacy have noted a trend where companies only focus on profitability at the expense of people’s happiness. In this regard, they lay emphasis more on areas that have hitherto been ignored by conventional business entities.

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The company goes through the process of facilitating the success of their customers, right from the time they seek consultation. When a customer joins The Midas Legacy as a member, they are provided with a free guide dubbed The Midas Code by which they are expected to live by. The company has professionals in various fields that are mandated with helping their clients get a sense of direction in terms of their happiness in life. These experts range from bestselling authors, top stock market shareholders to successful leaders in other fields.

Some of the notable names that have made the company what it is include Seam Bowe the principal editor, Mark Edwards; and expert in natural cures and Jim Simson an Editor. Mr. Jon Simson is an established entrepreneur with experience spanning over twenty years. With the support from other partners, he has made the company a force to reckon with by helping people achieve their happiness in life.

Learn more about The Midas Legacy:

Smile Freely with Soft Supple Lips

Lips are often the forgotten ones when it comes to skin care, but they actually need more care than the rest of the body. They are exposed to many things each day including exposure to dry air, cold, wind, and sun. All of these take a toll on the lips, causing them to become chapped.
Evolution of Smooth to the Rescue

Today’s busy people want to buy products that are designed with them in mind. The Evolution of Smooth lip balms offer organic smooth spheres and sticks that are filled with a lip balm that treats lips to the full spa experience. EOS uses only the best antioxidant-rich vitamin E, jobba oil, and shea butter in their balms. Their natural ingredients have been tested by a dermatologist and are hypoallergenic.

EOS Stands Out from the Crowd

The Evolution of Smooth lip balms are as fun to use as they are good for the lips. The round spheres were designed to be functional and easy to use. EOS offers a Visibly Soft Lip Balm that goes on clear and glides gently over the lips. The Smooth Stick Balm fits nicely in a purse or pocket and comes in several different flavors. Evolution of Smooth has taken the world of lip balms to a whole new level with their innovative packaging and healthy ingredients. They have made their products identifiable and take great pride in what they have been able to accomplish. Their goal is to help people attain healthier skin by providing them with great natural products. Their products are available online on and

Soft Lips

It is important to treat lips with the love they deserve. Products such as Burt’s Bees or EOS are an excellent way to keep them soft. They both use natural ingredients and are made to provide the lips with the protection they need.

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Mr. Brian Bonar is both the Chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation. Success is his middle name. Pride is his mother. Honor is his father.

You may see that for yourself, of course, throughout his numerous achievements and unique accomplishments… being, of course, the fact that he holds a Ph D. in his level of expertise. Finances: that is his game. He plays it well, remaining at the top.

Mr. Brian Bonar has been in the game for over thirty long and pain staking years, and he is not planning on giving it up any time soon. No, more game and competition are fiercely and quickly approaching our modern day global society…and both he and his company as a whole know this fact all too well. Indeed, the more prepared….the better.

According to Bloomberg and Spokeo, Mr. Bonar has received but just a small piece of the much needed and deserved public recognition which is due him. I quote: “Brian Bonar, Chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation, has been named Cambridge Who’s Who® Executive of the Year in Finance.

While inclusion in the Cambridge Who’s Who® Registry is an honor, only two male and two female members in each discipline are named executives of the year.” This alone is quite an achievement and a highest honor! Mr. Bonar is, in turn, both quite thankful and quite proud. He has worked very hard!

This great man has indeed been very hard at work while others have rested….having gained and accumulated, and maintained, more than thirty years of MANAGEMENT experience and knowledge in the sphere of finances. This is in MANAGEMENT alone; his education and previous experience in finances, from before taking over in management roles, have also been present as well….and have accounted for additional time worked in the field. Learn more about Brian Bonar:

Truly, no one knows the game of finances quite like Mr. Bonar does….and he himself continues to grow in it, humbly accepting new challenges and opportunities for learning and growth—-as does his company as a whole. What an understatement! What achievement this is, indeed!

Not only that…but Mr. Brian Bonar has over FIFTEEN years of experience in his current roles of both Chairman and CEO for this great company! He is not backing down either! The man and his company continue to go forward in strength and knowledge!

That is why I say to ‘shoot high’, as this man does! He is truly a unique and exemplary role model, and one who is most serious and respected when it comes down to finances—-great or small! For more information, please research this great man and his company when you have some time. You will truly be inspired by the legacy.

Securus Technologies Begins To Reveal The Crony Behavior Of Competitor

Dallas, Texas based prison communication company Securus Technologies has begun a campaign to try and shame a competitor to up its level of transparency, quality and honesty to customers. Fellow prison communication company GTL has a long record of swindling prisons and customers by charging them higher than allowed rates. This crony behavior has led to Securus Technologies to began a campaign that outlines some of the fraudulent activity and abuses practiced by GTL in state run prisons. Below are of the abuses found by a public service commission in the state of Louisiana.

One of the abuses that GTL was proved to have done at Louisiana state prisons was adding up to 36 seconds in additional time at the end of calls coming to and from prisons run by the state of Louisiana. This was never approved by the the Louisiana state government. It represents a dishonest way that GTL increased the duration of calls to profit from inmates, their families and their friends who used their service for prison communication.

Another fraud uncovered by the Lousiana service commission was that GTL inserted all kinds of hidden and add on charges to unsuspecting callers using their service. This represents a lack of transparency and is basically ripping off the consumers. CEO of Securus Technologies replied that such crony actions by competitor Global Tel Link is why the inmate communication industry suffers from a bad reputation. He also went on to say that exposing GTL wrongdoings to the public should send the company a clear signal. It must be held accountable and not cheat the customers or the government through fraudulent and unauthorized actions such as adding charges, fees and adding time to the end of all calls to and from prisons. Yet another way that GTL ripped of consumers is by double charging them intentionally and not acknowledging this was a mistake on their part.

Securus Video Visitation – Everyday from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Beneficial Effects of Midas Legacy to Investors

The Midas Legacy is a firm that helps people in achieving their dreams. The company is in winter garden Florida. The firm mainly looks for the investors who want to improve their status and the new entrepreneurs who want to get direction in the market of business ideas. The firm is willing to help in improving the wealth, health, and happiness status. Midas is a company that is admired by many people because of their duties to the society. Their main aim is to help people get what they want. They do not look at the financial status of the individual.

Role of Midas to entrepreneurs

The Midas Legacy is ever ready to help young people grow in their business ideas. The company offers financial advice that helps in creating more jobs to the community. They create an open mind forum which helps in opening doors of success. The enterprise helps improve the living standard of people. Midas pays attention to the most important aspects of life. Midas offers the best services compared to other institutions.

The Midas Legacy helps people in building their lives. People can get tactics of achieving a greater life in many ways. They look for experts who encourage and educate people on the life experiences that aid them grow well. The community receives information on alternative ways of achieving success. Midas legacy gives a lot of mentoring to their customers.

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The Midas Legacy Helps People Protect Their Retirement & Live Healthier

Making life of investors easy

Midas focuses on the wealth management of investors. The concern on the property has attracted many investors in Midas legacy. Midas is the best advisory company that is making the life of investors simpler. The company has many people with different ranges of strength. The people have the potential of advising everyone on the benefits of retirement planning.

Midas legacy gives investors and individuals with business ideas opportunities to take part in joint projects. The company permits the members to get advice on their retirement savings. They also get advice on natural health, records of their financial planning and real estates.

Social responsibility

The Midas Legacy plays prominent roles in social responsibility. The company makes charity donations to foundations like Florida sheriffs associations where it is known as the gold business member. Families that fight diseases like cancer also benefit from Midas donations. Midas Company works towards the mission of getting every individual to reach their goals. Midas achieves the mission by funding people who have a positive influence on the life of the community.

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The Search Fixers Are Here To Fix Bad Reviews About Your Business


Today is the day you take that next step that is required of you to fix bad reviews left in pertinence to you business in the online realm today. Unfortunately, many businesses do not take the steps that are required for them to fix bad search results— that their business’s name has a “clean slate” in the online world, a platform that allows people from all over the world to see one’s business and what past customers have to say about the products and/or services they have attained from it. Unfortunately, many customers aren’t always happy with what they have acquired from certain businesses, however, it is important to know that they didn’t seem to neglect the opportunity of saving their money at a time they could have “passed” on making the purchase, whether it be a product(s) or service(s). Such a scenario can put a business in a bad position as the customer who is all of a sudden unsatisfied may feel like it is their duty to post some kind of negative remark on the Internet for people to see and judge the business by. Your business may not be reflective of what is being written by a frustrated customer, but what can you do about them writing a negative review? Competitors can even take advantage of the online world of being able to freely post whatever they want and leave some kind of negative comment that could put their rival(s) in a difficult position of managing their business without the fear of being judged or losing business.

Please do not hesitate to contact The Search Fixers, a company that truly takes the time and effort to assure you that your company can be seen in a positive “light” again. If you are wanting to fix negative search results about your company on any specific website, The Search Fixers may be able to assist you. There is only one way to find out if your online reputation management case is something that they can assist you with. Contact the professional technicians and reputation management consultants of The Search Fixers today!

Skout Connects People From Over 100 Countries

Do you like meeting new people? Are you shy about talking to strangers in public or sparking conversations at bars? If so you need to download the Skout app today! It is available for Android and iOS devices for free. Skout is not just another social media platform, it is the social media platform for making chance connections happen. Skout was founded in 2007 on the principle of providing a software solution that revolutionized how people utilized social media apps to meet new people. They have been very successful in doing so since inception. Skout offers a few things that you will not find on other social apps including a point system and some outstanding features! Let’s take a look at the point system first. Some people love the point system and others hate it, it all depends on the person, but for me personally I love it. It challenges me to be dedicated to my goal of meeting new people from around the world by challenging me to interact with the app as much as possible to unlock new and exciting features.

Just like with most apps you could choose to purchase your points or you could earn points by downloading other apps and games to your device. I personally love challenging myself to earn them on my own without spending a penny! The features make this easy to do as I love utilizing them. The Shake to Chat feature is by far my favorite. I chat with dozens of new people every day utilizing this awesome feature. The other absolute favorite of mine is the Travel Feature. This allows you to virtually connect with someone from a specified location. This is incredible when you consider that the Skout community consists of people from over 100 different countries from around the globe. There are other features as well such as the interested and feature me app that are equally as awesome! If you like to connect with strangers and meet new people then you have to download Skout and check it out for yourself!

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MeetMe acquires mobile flirting app Skout for $55 million in cash and stock